The smart locks are made to keep the house secure and with no unauthorized entry to the house. They are digital and go over the inside part of a cylinder deadbolt. They utilize Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology to operate the smart lock. Smart locks allow homeowners to remotely lock the door, obtain security alerts, advise the homeowner when someone is at the door, and with the smart technology used it can send updates directly to a smartphone.

The homeowner downloads the app for the lock and to gain access to a smart lock on the smartphone. The homeowners can then lock and unlock the door from home or remotely using their phones. They can monitor in real-time what activity is happening around their home at all times. So if a package ends up missing from the front door the homeowner can check the detailed activity around the front door.

The good thing is that the lock does not have to be changed in any way and keys will still work in the lock. They are made where they are encoded so that they are highly secure and safe. Homeowners can take advantage of cryptographic keys to retain their security systems to secure them from being jeopardized.


The August Smart Lock is still the best

The August Smart Lock Pro + Connect is one of the best ones around for the price. It utilizes a bridge to plugs into a standard electrical outlet and also comes with 4 AA batteries. It comes with all the materials that the homeowner needs to be able to install the smart lock on their entryway door on their own.

It utilizes Bluetooth Energy technology encryption for locking mechanisms. “Door Sense” mechanics is a feature that will alert the homeowner about the status of the door lock. Smart locks allow the homeowner to set it where the doors will automatically lock and unlock when they leave or arrive back home. The homeowner can allow others, such as dog walkers, or maintenance workers, access to the house for set time periods. They will tell you when the person arrives and when they leave.

The August Smart Lock Pro + Connect has two-layer encryption and two-factor authentications provide the ultimate amount of security possible. The homeowner needs to use unique passwords that others do not know and cannot figure out and change them often. There is the option of using physical keys to open the door. If the homeowner should lose their phone then they can log into their account on their laptop or a friend’s phone. There is always the option of purchasing an August keypad and install it as a solution to locking and unlocking the door.