GMB (Google My Business) is a great way to improve your local search results. Local SEO (search engine optimization) is a great way to build up your online presence and your business. GMB is the best tool to improve local SEO.

One of the reasons you want to rank high with local search is that half of all mobile searches are local searches. GMB gives your business a better chance of ranking high in those local searches.

In addition, most local searches lead to sales.

Here are some tips on how to get your GMB posting to rank in local SEO.


Complete Your Data

Although Google My Business is free, it does require that you fully fill out the information. This includes your address, your website and your social media.

There is also room for a short description of your business and what your business offers. Lastly, there is an opportunity to include photos.

Incomplete GMB will not rank. Complete the entire form.

Create Separate GMB For Each Location

Be sure to include a separate Google My Business for each location. This helps with local SEO. If someone searches for a particular location, along with your business keywords, the sites that include location will rank higher.



Be sure to verify your location. This will allow your business to appear on maps and search.



Your hours of service and other details should always be updated and accurate. If you have decided to reduce hours or close one day a week, your GMD should reflect this.




Your business photos should show the front of your establishment, and the interior. Make sure you label those photos with your business name. This helps with the SEO.



Invite your customers to rate your business on Google. If a customer mentions they found you on Google, ask them for a review. This helps increase your SEO.

Always comment on your reviews. Potential customers want to see if you pay attention. If there is a problem, be sure to address this and to find a satisfactory way to resolve a situation.

If you have a positive review, thank the customer and invite them back. These sorts of actions demonstrate to potential customers what your customer service is like.


Adjacent Communities

Your business will likely service adjacent communities to your business address. Be sure to include those community names in your business description.

If you deliver to this area or service this area, include that information online. This will give your business a leg up on the national competition that may not know your area as well. This can also help you rank higher in that adjacent area’s search results.